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Q: Where are your products manufactured?
A: Our products are manufactured in an approved factory in northern Beijing in accordance with relevant good manufacturing practice guidelines. The factory is regularly inspected by the local health authorities to ensure compliance with Chinese and CE regulations.

Q: Do you use chemicals in your products?
A: No. All our products only contain natural ingredients.

Q: Are your products safe to use?
A: All our products have been on sale in China for a number of years before being introduced to markets abroad. There have been no reports of any adverse reactions. Always follow the instructions on the packet.

Q: Are there any times when I should not use your products?
A: Any precautions for use are clearly stated on the product package.

Q: Should I stop taking Western medication when using your products?
A: We have not received any reports of any reaction between our products and Western medication.

Q: Should I tell my GP I am using one of your products?
A: There is no particular reason to do so, but if you feel happier, please do.

Q: I cannot find your products locally, where can I buy them?
A: You can either buy from us direct or contact us for details of your nearest supplier.

Q: How can I let you know what I think of your products?
A: We are always looking to improve our range and are happy to hear from you with your opinions. Please go to the order page for our contact details.